Colcura S.A belongs to the Losán group, pioneer group in the fabrication of decorative veneers that distributes its products through another company group, Channel Veneers.
The Losán group has industrial plants in Spain, Holland, Rumania, Brazil, Chile (Colcura S.A and Timberni Ltd) and in the United States, having also apart from the decorative veneers other lines of business, such as the fabrication of particle boards , pieces and parts for furniture.

Our international character grants us a globalised vision of the decorative veneers market on a daily basis, for which we are continuosly  receiving  feedback on the product and process tendencies, offering our clients eficient solutions to their requirements.
During all of our trayectory COLCURA S.A has mantained a high commitment with its clients and with the quality of its products, taking special care of its workers and the environment. As a elavorating wood company, Colcura S.A clearly understands that the rational explotation of the forest constitutes the basis for a sustainable forest development.

From our factory we develop all of our own species, such as the Radiata Pine, Eucalyptus Globulus and native woods. Our wide experience as exporters and producers of veneers has enabled us to have a constant capacity of change in the production process and in flexibility.

In Colcura S.A – Losán group we are focused on the clients.