For many years now the concern for the environment has been fundamental in our business plan, adopting voluntary commitments in order to better the sustainable environment for the future.

Environmental Management

In 2007 we achieved important advances in the fullfilment of our objectives, in the implementation of the recirculation system of waters in our plant and the proper handling of all dangerous residues.

Projects Entered in the System of Environmental Evaluation

In 2007 the “Regularization Culcura S.A” project was entered in the system of environmental evaluation, one which was aproved satisfactorily.

Environmental Investments

Investments for the years 2007 and 2008 include; amongst other things, purchasing of equipment, treatment systems, technical development, advising and trainings. Reaching aproximately a total investment of 120 million pesos oriented in bettering our proceses  and the optimization of our residues.

Voluntary Commitment

In the month of October 2007 Colcura S.A signed the clean production agreement of the Boards and Veneers industry.

Colcura S.A. is certified FSC SA-COC-002182/SA-CW-002182