The natural wood veneers are considered the best decoratve product for furniture and carpentry finishes. No other material can offer the same qualities, like the rich natural colour, the warmth, the beauty and the natural attractiveness of wood

Why use natural veneers?

The Veneer is Authentic Wood.

The wood veneer is not and can not be an imitation.







The Wood Veneer is Ecological.

Using harvested forests creates new habitats for new trees. With the growth of young forests comes the release of large amounts of oxygen, the absorption and retention of the toxic carbon dioxide, on the other hand, old trees have the opposite effect absorbing  oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.

The Wood Veneer is Economical.

Wood veneer is the most economical way of using the natural resourse of wood. The surface of 16  wardrobes can be produced with one cubic meter of wood veneer. This wardrobe can later be recycled and used to make, for example, aglomerated boards.






The Veneer Grants a Higher Product Durability.

The solid piece of furniture does not have the estability nor the durability of recovered furniture. Wood has a tendency to get worn, to separate and to curve itself.The replated products in MDF boards, aglomerated o laminated timber guarantee the estability and durability of the product and they are also easier to mount and dismount.

Variety in Wood Veneers.

More than 200 types distributed all over the world can be used to produce veneers. Different production and union tecniques offer different alternatives in the texture of the veneer. The wood veneer delivers beauty and the infinite richness of natural wood

The Veneer is Unique.

Like any tree, wood veneers are unique and absolutely individualistic.